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   The Jacksonville Area Youth Football Organization is an independent nonprofit organization that provides area students entering 4th through 8th grades the opportunity to participate in tackle football. The JAYFL’s goal is to help develop a love, appreciation, and passion for the game of football in our players so they may learn life lessons that football teaches like no other activity can.  Our priority is to teach the fundamentals of football and help ensure a better, safer experience for all of our players. 


   Each year we strive to provide a safe and quality experience for our players and parents through player skill development, continuing education and training for our coaches, and engaging in competition with area teams. Our priority is to teach and educate every participant (players, parents, and coaches) on how we can continue to keep our players safe and enjoy the great sport of football.


   As a club we are committed to providing the best possible experience to our community. We have partnered with USA Football for our coaches to be able to utilize the training resources that are offered on their website. As a club we are working to get our coaches USA Football Level One Certified. USA Football also offers resource for parents and players. Check out the PARENTS tab at the top to explore those resources.

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