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Jr. Crimsons Annual Invitational Jamboree

When: Saturday, August 5th, 2017

Where: Illinois College, Park Street, Jacksonville, IL 62650 - 9am - 3pm

Illinois College is located in the heart of Jacksonville. They have one of the best

football facilities in the midwest. Each team will have the opportunity to play at least one

game on the main artificial turf field. The rest of the games will be played on the adjacent

grass fields.

Who: ONLY 30 Teams Allowed - 6 Teams per grade

This event is not an open event, it is being filled by invitation only. With that in mind

there will only be thirty total teams allowed in the Jamboree. We will be looking to have six

teams in each grade 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th.

Concession Stand - by the Illinois School for the Deaf (ISD) Parents


We play all of our home regular season games at the ISD football field. They

have been gracious enough to provide us a home for the past three years and we

hope to continue in the future. We want to encourage everyone to patronize the

concession stand for food and drinks throughout the day. All of the proceeds go

directly back to the ISD students.

Jamboree & Facility Rules:

- Game Format: 20min clock (10min offense, 10min defense)

- 40yd Field - Start offense on the 40yd line, no turnovers, no special teams

- Coaches are encouraged to be on the field.

- Keep the game moving so everyone gets max amount of plays on each side

of the ball.

- Teams are responsible for their own game water, we can refill water coolers,

but will not supply them.

- Only team coolers are allowed at the facility.

- No folding chairs or tents allowed on or around the main field.

- NO ARGUING with officials you will be asked to leave the field - we will have

one IHSA licensed official and one high school player officiating per field.

- As with all youth sports SPORTSMANSHIP is our focus, not winning...the

jamboree gives players, coaches, and officials a chance to work on skills in a

“practice game” format.

- Remember...the players are kids, the coaches are volunteers, the

officials are human, and this is not the Super Bowl.

Jamboree Flyer

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