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 - Parent Expectations…

More often than not the parents will be the determining factor in whether or not a player has a good and successful season. We encourage parent involvement and support. However, we also have coaches who do the best job they know how to do. We strongly discourage “coaching from the sidelines” and making comments to the players that undermine the authority, expertise, and playing system of the coaching staff. As a parent please use this time to support and encourage your student.  We will focus on teaching your player not only the football fundamentals, teamwork, etc., but also some solid life and relationship principles including how to get along with different people and personality types. With the cooperation and support of parents, this can be an effective and enjoyable season for everyone involved.


 -Proper communication…
The 24 hour rule - If throughout the season there is an issue that a parent is upset about they need to wait for 24 hours before confronting their team’s head coach. No complaints will be heard until the 24 hours has elapsed.  All parents with any issues are to contact the head coach of their team. The head coach will work to resolve any issues and may choose to bring in other coaches and/or the board if necessary. Furthermore, comments and concerns should not to be spoken to the other parents in such a way as to cause dissension. If there is a concern please go through the proper channels.



 - Game day guidelines…

Spectators must stay back 5 yards from the field or behind the spectators rope during all games. No one is to be in the team box except the players and coaches. The only exception is a parent who may come in it to check on an injury. However, that parent must check the player and then move back to the designated area. Spectators are not to harass the officials or the other teams by unsportsmanlike comments. Penalties may be imposed by the on field officials for such action. While is it necessary for the coaches to set an example in sportsmanship, it is necessary for the spectators to do so as well. 


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